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Who would you take at three in 12 team points?


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12 Team points scored as so.. Who do you like at 3?

Single 1 Point   Win 10 Points
Double 2 Points   Save 7 Points
Triple 3 Points   Loss -5 Points
Home Run 4 Points   1 Inning* 1 Point
Run Batted In 1 Point   Strike Out 1 Point
Run Scored 1 Point   Earned Run -1 Point
Walk 1 Point      
Stolen Base 2 Points  
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1 hour ago, jpburrows said:

I lean Arenado too, but taking Kershaw here in a points league wouldn't be out of the question.

In past years, yes. Kershaw is not close to a lock for 200 innings anymore and he’s no longer in a league by himself. There’s an argument Scherzer / Sale or Kluber will out score him in points leagues. Your first pick should be safer that that. The caveat is that none of those 4 will be there for your 2nd round if you pick 3rd.



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Well said... I wouldn’t take kershaw at 3. The only two I would consider would be sale/scherz. Having said that I think sale would be the safest pick if I went that direction. Right now it’s between Nolan and Sale.  If I go Sale I would be set up nicely to take two bats second/third time around. If I go Nolan I would go another bat than maybe mad bum or Thor.  

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Arenado is the safest/most valuable bat at 3rd, although if steals were valued more than Trea might be debatable, and if you are betting on a healthy Harper season then he could be in the discussion. 
As far as pitching goes, this is some weird scoring.

The elite pitchers won't even be netting more points than the elite hitters, and they are fewer and far between. That being said, in comparison the elite closers are going to be valued similarly to the starters, which means that unlike other points leagues, you are going to want 3 or so closers that might not be as prioritized as they should be in your format, and that playable pitching pool gets a bit larger.

Ultimately, the answer is still Arenado. I would wait until round 3 or 4 to start going for the reliable starters who are likely to be cranking out wins. But I hate your pitcher scoring a lot and it could throw a wrench into standard draft positions.

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6 hours ago, srf1957 said:

In this league take  best bat . first 2 rounds .  Then take every closer you  put in your lineup .  2 saves a week 14 points .   depends on what innings limits you have .

Agreed.. Was thinking of loading up on closers as well. Anyone else?

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