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À.L. only trade help featuring ALTUVE!

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A.L. only 260 budget 14 fielders 9 pitchers.


Keeper league. Keepers for next season with contract year and salary. Contract goes 3 years (c contract) then possible extension at 6 per season. 8 keepers.


Gallo B1

Otani B1

Alonso B4

Moncada C5

Hicks B1

Andujar B2

D. Duffy C1

Snell C5


We have kopech as a farm keeper.


We finished last the previous season and have the 1st pick in the farm draft after the auction. Eloy Jimenez is available so we really wanted to pick up another 1st round pick through trade because we have to use our own to protect kopech.


Trade offer:


Altuve B42 and their 1st round pick


For Duffy C1 and our 3rd rounder.


Think it is a smart move for the team in general. Love altuves durability and Duffy scares me. Plus altuve AT 42 wit 2 more years of term has nice stored value. And because we want to keep kopech which means we have to forgo our own 1st rounder we need to pick up another teams pick to grab eloy Jimenez in the supplementary draft.





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