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4 owners need for Cbs slow draft. $115 leaguesafe. Keeper w minors

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Need only 3 more. Here are the keeper rules: 


Article IV: MLB Keepers 

You will be allowed to keep up to 5 MLB players, not under minor league keeper rules. To keep a player it will cost the round before he was selected in the previous year in that years draft . So if a player was drafted in round 3 in 2018 and you want to keep him, it will cost you a 2nd round pick in 2019. If you want to keep him in 2020 it will be a 1st round pick. 

Once a player costs a first round pick he can be kept for the nexts years 1st round pick, but then must be released the following year. So if a player is drafted in 2018 in the first round, and wants to be kept for the 2019 season, it will cost a 1st round pick, then the player must be released in the 2020 season. 

If 2 players share the same round, for instance 2 players cost 10th round picks for the coming draft, and you want to keep both players, it will cost a 10th and a 9th round pick. 

You may not keep 2 1st round picks. 

Free agents can be kept for a 15th round pick and start the clock in the 15th round. 

Article V: Minor League (Keepers) 

Minor league players are deemed a Minor league eligible (MLE) if they are under 130 at bats and 50 IP. They will also be recognized as a minor league player if they are Rookie of the Year eligible. 

If a player is in the Minors and designated by CBS with an M he may be kept in the minor leagues. However, this does not mean he qualifies under these rookie rules. If the player not ROY eligible going into the season and is over his limits in IP or AB he must be kpet beginning in the 10th round the following year, whether he was kept on your minor league roster or not. 

A minor league player may be kept at no charge, only to the 10 man minor league roster. No draft picks will be required to keep a player who is deemed MLE. 

If a player is MLE he may be kept on you minor league roster at any point during the season. 

If a player is on your minor league roster for at least 1 period during the current season, the player may be kept at no charge for the following year. For example a player is ROY eligible and spends at least 1 week on your minor league roster, then he will be able to be held in a minors spot for the following years draft. However, beginning week 1 of the regular season, if said player is over his at bat or inning pitch limit, he will need to be moved out of a minor league spot, or risk an auto drop of the player. (If we get to the 2019 season and this doesn't seem to work because of the CBS platform, then that player will need to be kept for a last round pick(29t)). 

Following that year, the rookies will be need to be kept for a 10th round pick. 

Example: Player x is drafted in 2018 and is ROY eligible. During the 2018 season he has 400 at bats. Player X was kept in your minor legue system during week 1 of your season then used as your every day starter beginning week 2. At the end of the 2018 season Player X is no longer under his limits and going into the 2019 season he is no longer MLE. This player may be kept at no charge (or 29th round pick depending on CBS) for the 2019 season. Because he is over his limits and no longer ROY eligible and does not currently in the minors then the player must be on the Major league roster during the 2019 season. You the decide to keep the player for the 2020 season, he will cost you a 10th round pick. You want to then keep him for the 2021 season, he will cost a 9th round pick, and so on. 

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