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Playoff Struggle.......Please help WHIR 100%

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I lost Fournier, Sabonis, KD, Brandon Ingram, and now John Collins to injuries. I had a bye week and with 2nd best record in league and now its not looking good. 


Who are some good streamers for this week considering I only have 4 waiver claims left? My matchup link is below



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Yeah...a bunch of those guys should've been dropped during your bye week to prepare you for THIS week in your finals.  

If it helps, I lost Gallo, Butler, G Harris, Markannen, Lavine, and Batum in multiple leagues, and had to jettison all of them for streaming, so you're not the only one hit with injuries.


Can't see your link (forces me to log on to ESPN).

I'd second @reverb's suggestion to check out that HC thread.  Rotoworld also has articles like this: 




I'd be grabbing guys forced into heavy usage due to injuries, on teams with 3 more games.  Think MEM, CHA, MIA.  If you're not too late: Olynyk, James Johnson, Jeremy Lamb, Dillon Brooks, Jarell Martin/JaM.  With 3 more games, Korver could be useful, as well as Harrell and Crowder.  I own Valentine and while he sucked last game, I'm gonna hold him a few more times.  I'm also streaming D Wright (with Deroz and VV out, he'll eat, and Lowry might get rested more).  Any NOP player should get time, esp with the B2B2B, so Clark, Moore, and Okafor have some stream value.  All those guys have 4 games.


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