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Trade Freeman for Hoskins?


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10 team dynasty auction league- OPS instead of AVG - players prices goes up $5 every year


Was offered Rhys Hoskins ($1) for me Freddie Freeman ($26). Should I accept?


My other keepers are Betts ($25), Seager ($20), Correa ($20) and Syndergaard ($20).

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5 minutes ago, BackyardBaseball said:

I would probably do that.  So you're getting Hoskins for 5 years until he's the same price you have freeman at now?  Go for it


Technically, you can only keep a guy at $1 one year, the following year, bumped up to a minimum of $15.


So in essence, its more like 4.


6 minutes ago, Backdoor Slider said:

The price makes this close, but it looks like you’ve got some great pieces at reasonable prices. Freeman is a monster in OBP/OPS leagues. I don’t risk it. Keep Freeman.


That's my thinking too. I'm just wondering if Hoskins + those extra $25 will provide more value and stats to me this year. Hard to give up Freeman in an OPS league though.

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