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12 TEAM H2H 14 CATS (Extra cats are TB / OBP--------Loses QS) Decided to punt saves since there are so many cats. How can I improved? Leave a link

C- R Martin

1B - Votto

2B - Dozier

3B - Devers

SS - Correa

CI - Desmond

MI - A Russell

OF - Marte

OF - Margot

OF - Mazara

OF - Garner 

OF - Od Herrera

DH - Lo Morrison

UTI - Happ

B - D Peralta

B - D. Fisher


P - Severino

P - Nola

P - Quintana

P - Godley

P - Richards

P - Taillion 

P - Cobb

P - Maeda

P - Lamet

P - Devinski

P - Chad Green

P - Kela (trade bait)

DL - E Santana

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I am sure you already know but you could use a catcher, pretty solid 1st-SS, hopefully Russell has a strong season as he is more than capable. Put that Instagram Incident behind him. Strong OF especially if Margot keeps stealing then him and Marte together will be great. Personally with who else you got I would probably try to find a 3rd strong one though. Happ sitting in the UTIL spot is perfect. I see big things for him especially hitting atop the Cubs lineup and especially if the lions share is lead off.


I think your pitching needs help. Severino staying strong would be great along with Quintana. After that there are a lot of questions imo. So even though I talked about needing a catcher and OF above I think SP is what you need to go for first. Maybe Peralta and Happ help you there, but Happ will have multi positional eligibility so that makes him tougher to give. Seeing Desmond there though, I think I actually trade him first for a pitcher. Maybe your pitching does not end up as dire as I think as I may be underselling Taillon a bit. We will see if Cobb keeps it under 4 this year. I might be too low on him also, maybe I am just too low on your rotation all together, sorry, lol, I think the more I look it pieces itself together a bit. Yes, get Kela off your roster, but that is more because he annoys me. Not a good reason to drop a player from your team... ;) Thanks for mine

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