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Vent & Rant Thread 2018


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3 hours ago, DFWSooner said:

yeah, I completely go against my usual drafting rules and take a closer, Jansen early. Figures.  What the hell!? 


I did the same thing with Britton last year. This year I went back to my old strategy of no closers before the eighth round.

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5 minutes ago, Members_Only_76 said:

Weather sucks this time of year, annoying.


You would think with the attendance at the northeastern stadiums crappy that they would schedule more warm weather teams for the first week.  You would think..

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Definitely struggling on AVG so far this year.  2-24 so far today.  Bats will eventually rebound as my team leads my league in HR, RBI and R but near the bottom in AVG.

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Check out this s----show of an offense so far.

Votto .200 and .494 OPS

Bregman .182 and .630 OPS

Story .150 and .340 OPS

Benintendi .158 and .491 OPS

Merrifield .188 and .466 OPS

Happ .125 and .535 OPS

Inciarte .261 and .584 OPS

Baez .111 and .478 OPS


I guess that's what I get for spending 94% of my budget on hitting...

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My combined stats from the catcher position so far this year, 0-8.


Drafted and started Zunino on opening day.


Picked up Lucroy and he sat.


Lucroy 0-4.


Picked up Hedges and he missed 2 games.


Hedges 0-4.

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My keepers of C.Bellinger, W.Contreras, A.Bregman, G.Springer and Jose Ramirez are hitting a combined .172


My other keeper is Acuna, so he has yet to hurt me. I assume that he'll come up and go 2 for 25 to start.


There is a reason my team is always named The Big Whiffers.

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I got 4 dudes on the DL, including 1/3 of my starting lineup. I got another dude in E Rosario who may not be 100%. It’s been one week. Team still in 3rd place though, so not the end of the world, yet.

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