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Pitching? We're Talking About Pitching? RMT (WHIR)

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So I just completed my keeper league draft. Initial thoughts are that I love my hitting, am content with the top of my staff... Anddd... The bottom of my staff is a joke. Wondering if you guys share the same thoughts, have any ideas of some starters that I need to grab, or add to my watch list in case they get the call, etc. Anyway here's my team:


12 team, 5 keeper (4 Years), H2H. 2 pickups per week.

Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, SLUG // IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP


C) Sanchez (Keeper)

1B) Bellinger (Keeper)

2B) Carpenter (144 overall)

3B) Arenado (Keeper)

SS) Bregman (Keeper)

OF) Martinez (Keeper)

OF) Pham (73 overall)
OF) Acuna (97 overall)
Shaw (96 overall)
Rosario (193 overall)

Castillo (120 overall)
Weaver (138 overall)
Rivero (145 overall)
Treinen (192 overall)
Richards (168 overall)
Gonzalez (169 overall)
Wacha (217 overall)
Lynn (233 overall)
BE x5) 
Santana, McCarthy, Matz, Mikolas, Newcomb


So do you share the same opinion on my team? And do you guys have suggestions for SP to keep an eye open for? Leave your links and I'll help in return. Thanks guys.

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5 minutes ago, jimbo504 said:

Love your offense, and the back end looks good honestly. The front end leaves a bit to be desired.


My strategy going in was to wait on the top of my staff, and be able to grab some decent pitchers to round out the bottom. I missed on a lot of my targets late in the draft which is why my bench looks like it does. Lol.


Thank you!

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I know folks subscribe to this theory that you can wait on pitching, wait to grab you relievers and I've never found that to be successful, ever, in any fantasy league I've played in.  You're going to need to scour the fantasy wire, early, to find bargain pitching that hopefully will perform as a SP3/4.  I agree with the poster above - love the bottom part of your staff.. Castillo should be  SP3 in 12 team leagues (and I wouldn't feel comfortable with him being a SP3 unless I had a really good SP1).  Go offense!


Thanks for your help on mine!

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