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Jordan Hicks 2018 Outlook

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The Cards can go in any direction they want. Norris is probably losing his job. If he hasn't already he's just one BS away.


Both CMart and Hicks could be fireman or closer.


CMart was effectively wild last night. A LOT of 3-2 counts but he was generally on the edges. Michael Taylor literally saw 6 or 7 straight balls before he retired himself on yet another full count.


That kind of a night sounds an awful lot like what Hicks gives them, and despite CMart also using a changeup and a cutter, he can't command, and sometimes even control either of them.


I mean shoot though, if we're throwing darts, Carlos Martinez was in the rotation, so pitching 2 or 3 innings is much more in his alley.


So..... if Carlos Martinez sees the 8th innings, and is doing well... why not just leave him in for the 9th?


Hot hand kind of thing. Fortunately, I have both  ;)

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15 minutes ago, STLSU said:

Carlos is gonna need to get his head right and be consistent.  It's not easy to do so in a bullpen role transitioning from a starter.


I'm going to need the Cardinals manager get his closer named and be clear. It's not easy for me to decide who to start everyday.

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