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Mar/April Closer Thread 2018


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10 minutes ago, Ragnaroker said:
Felipe Rivero has legally changed his name to Felipe Vázquez.
Vázquez is the surname of the reliever's sister, Prescilla, who he lives with in the offseason. The closer expects the Pirates to change the name on the back of his jersey soon. "I think [the Pirates] know already, but I think they’re making it, so I don’t know when they’re going to be ready," he said Monday. "They might be ready already." Apr 9 - 7:44 PM



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1 hour ago, I Miss Matt Cain said:

Just to follow up on my previous post, I'm not saying Romo is better than the other options, just that I've watched a lot of baseball and I see managers going "I'll go with the guy who is older because of experience, etc" a lot more than "I'll go with the young unproven guy because of upside."  So if we're betting on who will get the first crack at closing that's my bet.  If we're betting on who would make a better closer, that's a whole other discussion.


Yes - I refer to this as “Managers are cowards.” 

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Good news for those of you worried about this: Albers still looks plenty chunky to me.  Lots of moving parts on that jog in from the bullpen. 


‘Fat Albers’ still applicable. 


ETA - seriously which one of you said Albers had lost weight?

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