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Zach Britton 2018 Outlook

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It's the O's; they've had one save opportunity since he came back and it essentially went to... neither... Britton pitched 1.1 and then Brach ended the game with .2 IP to lock down a 3-run lead. It may be a while before we know for sure if they're using a committee or if somebody has locked down the role. I'm mostly holding in the hopes that he gets dealt because holds and saves are going to be few and far between on this team.

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3 Years, 2014-2016   Combined: 1.38 ERA, 0.91 WHIP, 120 Saves.   In all 3 seasons his ERA was below 2, WHIP below 1, and 35+ saves each and every year.    ...now this is

O’s committee has 13 saves and 5 BS. Thats plenty enough opps to make a great closer like Britton valuable. 

hand, herrera, familia, kela, etc are all closers on "non-competitive" teams, and all are obviously worth owning....

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His velo is ticking back up. Around 96mph the past two games. Looked fantastic today. 3-4 more outings like this and teams will feel more comfortable to trade for him to be their closer. Maybe that would get other teams (Phillies?) involved. 

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4 minutes ago, phisouza33 said:

Welp, this is useless 


I play in holds leagues where I have owned Britton as a Closer and I'm not dropping just yet. He's a pure quality reliever when he's right and who knows when you have that caliber a player what his role is at the end of the day.


It's not like I can just go pluck another closer off the wire at this juncture.

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