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2018 Rotoworld Mock Real League

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48 minutes ago, Iron-cock said:

Mr. Blonde Selects:


Patrick Mahomies, QB, KC


@predator_05 is otc


He was going to be my last ditch QB pick if I found myself on the bad side of a QB run.

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Taken out of context, this sounds like backroom chatter on the dark web that should land at least 4 people in jail, 5 if you count me for reading it.   And now it's time for me to come in an

These are the debates I wish this group would have after every pick.  Far more to learn here than dredging through the trash can threads on the regular forum.

how is that parker video more than 15 seconds long?

1 hour ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:

I probably underrate Baldwin every year - but he’s nothing special 


Yea he’s just one of the best route runners in the league... nothing special 

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56 minutes ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:


Yeah, he’s good ... nothing special 


He's kind of overrated by fantasy owners because he lucked into 14 TDs one year.  Doubt it happens again, but with the lack of weapons in Seattle who knows.

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43 minutes ago, Iron-cock said:

Where is CGXOP?  Scrubbing the crime scene of evidence at Janoris Jenkins place?


No comment ...


WR eligibility with projected big workload ... even if it’s 6-8 touches a game he could be worth a flex/bye plug in. Still really fast, maybe he has a 2015 type season.


Tavon Austin, RB/WR/DelusionalUpside, DAL Cowboys 


@DocJ otc 


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12 minutes ago, boltup15 said:

Theo Riddick @Winky OTC


Honestly pretty shocked at some of the names that went before Riddick. But I get it, Riddick’s upside isn’t the highest and this late people want a higher ceiling

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2 minutes ago, CyberneticGhostOfXMasPast said:

Add Blount, new coach, high pick @ RB ... I was iffy on Riddick


I think Tavon ends up having a season similar to Riddick’s “normal” output ... 


ESPN has him at RB - may end up a cheap PPR RB2 on there. Duel eligibility on yahoo would be nice ...




I just don’t see how his role changes. They may have signed Blount and Kerryon, but he’s still the third down catch up back unless the fourth rb on the roster takes that role. Maybe Kerryon takes more third down work than I expect and that would be the downside case. 

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