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2018 Rotoworld Mock Real League

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5 minutes ago, ToO_BaD said:


And see I’ve seen Lutz, Gould, even Boswell ranked as the next highest depending on what site I look at.


I don’t really care if people either come to a consensus or he gets in here 


I don’t think he cares ... or he probably would’ve specified (at least what site to use). 


All good options. I’m just assuming yahoo ranks since that’s the site we’re using for the league 

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Taken out of context, this sounds like backroom chatter on the dark web that should land at least 4 people in jail, 5 if you count me for reading it.   And now it's time for me to come in an

These are the debates I wish this group would have after every pick.  Far more to learn here than dredging through the trash can threads on the regular forum.

how is that parker video more than 15 seconds long?

9 minutes ago, FFCollusion said:

Wow.  Murray is who I was planning to take here.  I'll take The 10 year hype machine, Jared Cook.  This time... It's different.





I inherited him on a dynasty team awhile back and he's just sort of sat on my roster.  I was thinking nearly the same thing this offseason...time for the age 31 breakout year!

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