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Franklin Barreto 2018 Outlook


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Barreto not in the lineup again tonight. he hasn't even gotten into a game yet. this is what I was talking about. all he's doing is sitting on the bench, which is a complete waste. if they weren't going to play him then he should be in the minors getting regular playing time. sitting on the bench doesn't help him develop a all.


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This has been one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while. It has zero to do with what it does to my fantasy team. I just will never understand why they would bring a top 50 prospect in baseball up just to ride the pine. I am totally fine if they believe Siemien and Lowrie should be playing everyday, but then leave Frank down in the minors! This dude needs to continue his development and should be an impact bat for the As long term. The reasoning to bring this guy up for this will never make sense to me. 


The As currently aren’t going anywhere this season, so why do this to part of your future. 

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Athletics optioned INF Franklin Barreto to Triple-A Nashville.


Barreto was up with the A's for 10 days but didn't receive a single plate appearance. He's clearing out to make room for Chad Pinder's return from the disabled list.


did not get any playing time at all. 10 days and no games played. now he goes back down to the minors ice cold. this is worse than Spring Training where everyone at least gets playing time. now he's starting over from the beginning. this is how you hurt a prospect.

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2 minutes ago, Flyman75 said:

Lol...what a clusterjob by the A's on this one. I would laugh if he tells them "thanks but no thanks" the next time someone goes on the DL and they recall him back to Oakland. 


he was only up for the meal money ... and NO, he aint' turning that down ... my boy lives to eat


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1 hour ago, lavaman said:

I guess I don't understand. They bring him up for a week or however long it was, and he didn't even get a single AB??

And then they send him down again. Hmmmm.....makes perfect sense.

Makes total sense to me. Just check out this chart.



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47 minutes ago, hoops886 said:

In all seriousness, is Barreto considered an asset in dynasty leagues? He's consistently ranked fairly high everywhere, but there is always no hype around him.


he has talent but his best chance for success appears to be a trade out of Oakland.


sitting out today.  will probably be sent back to AAA in a week with very little playing time



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