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Goldschmidt Trade??

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If someone offered me Goldschmidt for MY Pham, I couldn't hit 'Accept' fast enough.  And I wouldn't need to make a post asking about it. No offense.  ;)



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Goldy >> Pham. Simple as that. If you're getting Goldy - do it! If you're being offered Pham for your Goldy - tell the owner to GTFO! 


Goldy has power, yes and while the humidor may have a slight affect on his power's - he contributes in many other ways. He's still a top 10 batter IMO. 


Help me please?

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I find the responses very interesting. Yes, well established, Goldy is probably a better player than Pham. But we're not talking about who's a better player. We're talking who has better fantasy value going forward. The truth is, we don't know how well Pham will do in season 2, just as we don't know how Goldy will do with the humidor. So far, it's not looking promising. If he finishes the year at .290/28/15, would anyone be shocked? He only stole 18 last year and is 1 yr older. I wouldn't be shocked, just as I wouldn't be shocked if Pham finishes 30/30. 


Anyways.. I was asking for other's opinions, so I shouldn't be trying to debate..

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15 minutes ago, Brett Butler said:

 just as I wouldn't be shocked if Pham finishes 30/30. 



You Phams agent?

He never did either of those in minors.

If Pham goes 20/20, i would be somewhat surprised.



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