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Jose Martinez 4 J Famillia or Morrow (whir)


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Hey there

I’m in a 12 team, 5x5 roto (we use OBP instead of Avg, and QS instead of Wins), keeper league (we keep 6, $260 draft budget, cost $5 more to keep a player each year). 
I lost Knebel last week. Running with Boxburger & K Herrera as my closers but need a 3rd to keep up in saves. 
I was offered either Jeurys Famillia or Brandon Morrow for José Martinez. 
Im playing Jose at my CI. Plucked him off the wire on opening day. He would cost me $5 to keep in 19' but who knows if he's rosterable come July, right?
should I sell high? Mistake? Is this guy a 30 homer man? I can play Ryan Zimmerman at CI and have Edwin E at 1B 
thoughts? Post your question link and I'll reply too 
C - W. Contreras 
1B - E. Encarnacion 
2B - D Gordon 
SS - S Kingery
3B - M Sano 
CI - José Martinéz 
MI - Chris Taylor 
OF (4): JD Martinez, K Davis, B Buxton, K Schwarber
DH: A Garcia
Bench: A. Russell, R Zimmerman 
P (8): C Kershaw, M Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, J Odorizzi, L Lynn, K Herrera, B Boxburger 
Bench: J Junis, L Giolito
DL: (3) D Pomeranz , C Knebel 
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