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Question based on 2019 potential eligibility

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Hi guys,


I currently have Stanton/Betts/Benitendi as my starting OF; but also have Rhys Hoskins and Dee Gordon as my backup OF who potentially could be eligible as OF only in 2019; the fact that I have Acuna and Robles waiting in the wings, will provide me with too many OF in 2019. 


Here is the question, who among Stanton/Betts/Benitendi/Hoskins/Gordon, should I trade to get an IF or SP? Though my main SB source are from Betts/Benitendi/Gordon; I am leaning more on trading Benitendi or Gordon rather than Stanton/Hoskins/Betts. 


What are your thoughts?


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I'd try to move Gordon first. Weakest of the five imo, but can still net you something. Benitendi and Hoskins are other options, and you'd get more for them than you would for Gordon, and you'd still have a solid first three of Betts/Stanton/Benitendi or Hoskins.

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