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On 4/12/2018 at 11:58 AM, taobball said:


Keeping an eye on: 


The Matt Davidson v. Jose Berrios match-up for reasons stated in the Davidson thread. Davidson got DOMINATED by 4-Seamers and Curves. 


Trevor Williams is off to a hot start at least in terms of ERA. Gets the Cubs on the Road. Another good start. Still not missing bats though. Hard to know what the future holds. 


Nick Tropeano is a guy I've liked in the past but like everyone on the Angels (seriously, Heaney, Skaggs, Richards, Shoemaker, JC) he's been injured. Coming back today to play the Royals. Also Ian Kennedy is not completely uninteresting to me as a streamer in general, so I'll be watching to see if the horrific 5+ ERA or whatever monster that Ian Kennedy was last year is surfacing again to start the season, as it hasn't so far. 10/88 Whiffs for Nick Tropeano. The fastballs (going mostly off of what I felt pre-UCL) is a bit meh, but the Change-Up has good movement + Velo Gap and, in terms of this start, the Slider produced well. If he can mix with Change/Slider/Splitter well I think he'll be pretty solid. The Velo similarity between CH/SL/ST (St. Steven mentioned this as well in Tropeano's thread that drew my eye to it) could be concerning. At the least I'd prefer they be different. But they should have three distinct movements. 


I also like Kennedy as a streamer. Should get Tigers and White Sox fairly regularly. Twins have a good line-up, but a variable one that could also get Struck out a good deal. 


Love to see Michael Wacha or Sal Romano rebound a bit. Nope. Combined 9.1 IP, 6 ERs, 7 BBs, 9 Ks. 


How many Curveballs and how many Fastballs does Sonny Gray throw tonight? Leaning back towards the FB, but got shelled regardless. 


How many bats can Lucas Giolito miss. Should've said "How many catcher's mitts does Giolito miss. 


Keeping an eye on: 


I absolutely love Mike Clevinger. 3rd Start today at home v. Jays. 


Andrew Heaney's Return from the DL


Luke Weaver v. Tyler Mahle could be an understated game to watch for pitching. 


Steve Matz coming off a good start. Two good starts and you really start to see signs of life and value... at the least while healthy. 


Potential rebounds for Jacob Faria and Jordan Montgomery. 


(If the Sox play) How Reynaldo Lopez looks in start 3. 


Is Gerrit Cole truly an Ace? 

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48 minutes ago, 89Topps said:

Anyone know if Lo Cain is playing today?  Last update I saw indicated he likely would.


What ive read points to him coming back, but I haven’t seen anything definitive.  So I guess it’s a wait and see.

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6 minutes ago, Fuzzy_Slippers said:

Location and speed, it seems. FB velocity looks down. 


It's definitely wonky (up and down) based on the Gameday. I'm listening and watching Gameday as I'm blacked out. 


I do think Darvish may qualify for a *bit* more of a weather pass coming from Texas the last few years, but he could also just be struggling. I'm just saying the former is one possibility. 

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4 minutes ago, BMcP said:

Box score worsening...

I will agree with you .... 


i would have have liked a QS from the Yu .... the oddds of that happening is nil 



LOL .... warm up the bus that fat lady is singing

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