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My roster and league for those on mobile:


Shallow 10 team Roto 7x7      (R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, EBH, PA  /  W, Sv, K ERA, QS, IP, GIDP)

C- Grandal,   1B-  Hanley,    2B- Baez (2B/SS),   SS-Turner,   3B- Beltre,   MI- Carpenter (1B/2B/3B),  CI- Bellinger (1B/OF),

OF (3)- Judge,   Hoskins (1B/OF),   Hamilton,    U- Pham          bench-   Rizzo (1B/2B),   JoMart (1B/OF),    Miggy,    Acuna      

SP-   Syndergaard,     AWood,      Keuchel,     Paxton

RP- Jansen,    Holland,     Vazquez,    Brach,    Familia                                                                          DL- Knebel,       Britton 



Having very informal talks with another owner, not really looking at doing anything right away.  I asked about Arenado, and of course he said he'd rather not deal him.  But if he were to consider it (he does have Freeman with 3B-eligibility, along with Mous and Castellanos), it would probably have to be a multi-player deal that involves MY Judge so he doesn't lose power.  I know Arenado is higher ranked, and plays a scarcer position.  But there's something about Judge and the 40 HR - 25 SB pace he's on....


If we worked out a deal where the extra parts were a wash to me, is the Arendao vs. Judge part of this a slam-dunk for Arenado?  Or is there reason for me to be hesitant?  Barring injury, Judge should easily have more R, HR, and SB.  And could match him in RBI.  But Arenado is the BEST 3B......



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Arenado is a 40/130/.295 machine.  If anyone in baseball has the ability to hit for similar value, Judge is your guy.  We don't know if Judge can continue what he did last year, but he has already began 2018 hitting great and he has a ton of value.  If you can get Arenado straight up, it would seem to be a good move, but I wouldn't give up too much more.

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