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Which side wins?

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Is that Alex Gordon or Tom Gordon? You know what...if it is any Gordon, Side A wins completely and Side B should no longer be able to play fantasy baseball ever again.

yeah, it's alex, but still.....the guy who got papi said he almost turned it down and that he would rather have gordon. and he cursed a lot, which was cool. but the dude who traded papi said that he has been suckin and is only hitting .250. man, gordon hasn't got his career avg. up to .250 yet probably. hey, its a free yahoo league so what do we expect.

funniest thing is side b still wants to talk junk about how he has the most trophies, blah, blah, blah. well his first 4 picks now are represented by gordon, fuentes, putz, papelbon......good management man

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i vetoed, but it went thru unfortunately. sad this is that it's a tight roto league. i think 8th place is only a couple points back. and obviously the guy who gave up papi/peavy is not in 8th.

thanks for the re-assurance that i am not crazy for thinking this complete garbage!

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