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Sorry Fuzzy I was bored this morning and wanted to get this out. Looks like all the early games should be a go today with the exception of maybe the Cards @ Cubs game. There's a 78-90% chance of precip with sleet/snow mixture beginning around the time the first pitch is scheduled. 


That looks to be the only game in danger of issues today/tonight

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You guys are terrible at game commentary.  Figured Gausman gave up 5 or 6 er. 

Joe Mauer started this game when he was 34 years old, he's now 35.

China Dahl also just came off the DL in the minors. He’d likely strain a hammy walking to the phone to take the call.

5 minutes ago, tywalson said:

Thoughts for Faria today? Gets the Rangers who are prone to some K’s but we saw what they did to Chirinos last night...


That is risky. It's only been 3 games for him, but his numbers are way off from last year. I don't expect him to correct it today vs the rangers. There should be at least a couple dingers from the lefties. 

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3 minutes ago, mannymachado said:

The whole island of Puerto Rico is without power, indians/Twins may get ppd.


Yea that game is toast


(CNN)Puerto Rico has suffered an island-wide power outage, Puerto Rico's power authority said Wednesday.

The authority said it estimates power will be restored within 24 to 36 hours.
For months, Puerto Rico has grappled with widespread power outages after Hurricane Maria devastated the US commonwealth.
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Yahoo has Lorenzo Cain in the lineup. Everywhere else I've looked says he's out of the lineup. I assume Yahoo is wrong ? 


Edit: Yahoo also showing Yelich out of the lineup.

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20 hours ago, taobball said:


I think there's a ton to watch today: 

Chatwood O/U 3.5 BBs (x2) I clearly meant 3.5 BBs x2, not a joke about PPDs are anything. So I clearly predicted this 7 Walk outing. In all seriousness, dropping in most formats even though I still really like the stuff. But the walks are just absolutely atrocious right now. 


Danny Duffy showing signs that he can survive his deteriorating FB. A good game for Duffy. Slider and Change can dominate when on. He doesn't have a big fastball anymore but he's still a good pitcher. Just had a few rocky outings. 


SHO-DAY NO SNOW-DAY. 13-2 v. 13-3? Price v. Ohtani? How many April games have this litness potential? I do think there's something very legitimate to discuss here that's needed more run since his first start and that's the fact that he has not really flashed a plus slider to date. In general the pitch hasn't really looked sharp at all to me and hasn't exactly looked like a big league offering. When you can paint 97-99 and throw a devastating Splitter, you'll remain unhittable. But when you have two pitches, losing one/not having the feel for one for a single night can be utterly devastating. I want to see Ohtani round out his repertoire. That does'nt mean I don't still think he has insane potential this year even, but I do think his lack of anything else to go to was a bit exposed in this start as well. I'm unsure of how much the Blister affected performance. 


Masahiro Tanaka should have a good outing against a bad Marlins team. If not I'll be looking into him a lot more. Nothing to say except I don't know how you can play him. I'm working on a bigger pitchers piece right now for some young guys but after that I'll try to determine if I want to hold Tanaka or not. 


Cashner's doing some different things and Liriano has looked good on a desert team. Two guys not likely highly owned with intrigue. Liriano (13.2%) and Cashner (16.0%) are both doing really solid things this year. For Liriano it's just going back to a well tha'ts been good in the past and his excelling pretty much in the same fashion he has since he got to Pittsburgh. For Cashner there's a lot of different things happening that I'm actually a bit intrigued by. I might do a longer outlook on Cashner in his thread later. I also expect both these Ownership%'s, Cashner's in particular, to dip a bit after this streamed game. 


Does Trevor Williams continue to defy logic? By pure happenstance I accidentally mis-sorted Z-Contact% for Pitchers last night trying to find out who was missing bats and low and behold, Trevor Williams had the highest Z-Contact Allowed of any pitcher in baseball. He may qualify as the worst bat-misser in baseball. No point in rostering someone with such minimal upside, but if you wanna roll the dice in good match-ups I'm not going to hate it too much. 


Yonny Chirinos is an intriguing young arm to watch. Still generated good whiffs, just seemed like he got hit a lot and didn't have good command/control. 2 Walks on the season, 3 in the game. I haven't had an opportunity to watch much of this one yet but I just actually turned it on so if something sticks out I'll update. 


Zach Wheeler's Injury Return Didn't have his breaking ball and still did well. I'm buying a bit more after this past start. First start he threw 31 Breaking balls for an impressive 10 Whiffs. In start two he threw a similar number with 0 whiffs. But even when he couldn't get his breaking balls to miss a single bat he managed a QS. I think the breaking ball will be good enough. He's doing a lot of things right right now.  


Pivetta v. Folty are both intriguing. Folty is a bit of a wildcard. Strikeouts should be there but he was a tad fortunate to escape this one with just 1 ER. The development of his third pitch is going to me crucial. I have a longer piece on Pivetta, Lucchesi, and Lopez coming out later today. Check my socials. Or PM. 


Junior Guerra anyone? I like Guerra. He wasn't good last year after he came back from injury but I love the potential of the Splitter and Slider to generate whiffs and Ks as it did in this start. Streamer at this point still but with some strike out upside should also be added in Deep SP leagues as a potential SP3 type (think roughly Cubs-Samardzija upside, 3.70-3.90 maybe, but think he could threaten a K per inning). 


Lets see Patrick Corbin's slow slider dominate again please. Yup. We're not gonna keep covering Corbin. He's great. 


Keeping an eye on: 


Matt Boyd has an interesting repertoire to me, and opponent Kevin Gausman has been struggling with his limited repertoire. 


Faria and Hamels has some potential to be interesting. Hamels' Change-Up has rebounded early on and tha'ts his best pitch, and Faria has been back and forth.


I wanna see Tyler Mahle throw some better non-fastballs. 


Who misses more bats? Triggs or Fulmer?


Matz is todays injured Met of intrigue. 


I love watching Tyler Skaggs pitch. Hopefully he's on. 


Berrios v. Carrasco is the marquis match-up if Puerto Rico can have power. Either way whenever the game happens (so long as it eventually happens), Berrios seemed very amped to be playing in PR in an interview I saw and that game should be epic to watch. 



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