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Rich Hill 2018 Outlook


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6 minutes ago, En Votto Veritas said:


I'm not seeing this.  As far as I can tell he's at home against SD tonight; you mean he won't pitch this game?


Nope, Rotoworld and CBS both have this up in their player news (in a Ross Stripling blurb on Rotoworld). Rotoworld says it's unknown when he'll pitch next, but CBS says he'll start on Saturday instead and line up @SF next week.

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4 hours ago, ST. STEVEN said:

Getting his final start skipped...that's just awesome


Owners have to hope the Rockies lose their next several games and the Dodgers clinch the West before the weekend begins. Then he might make a start on Saturday or Sunday. The Dodgers are not going to start Buehler on Sunday if they've clinched the West.

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7 minutes ago, Seadog said:

MLB has HIll, and he's got the check mark in Yahoo (with no rotoworld blurb noting the change). Rotoworld seems to really suck at its job. At least that's what I'm hoping, I really need this start.

He's starting.  They decided winning the division is meaningless I guess.  Not a knock on Hill, and I hope he does good for anybody who needs him, but I still find it a bit funny that they've potentially created a huge mess with their pitching staff if they don't win the division.

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