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Go Weather!   Oh, and Weaver, Taillon, and E-Rod!

Heh. Morton. Salt. 

Am I the only one who loves those old school philly blues? Royals, Expos, Blue Jays, Braves, Cards......maybe it’s cuz i grew up in the 80’s, but I love mixing it up from time to time from the classic

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1 minute ago, ToO_BaD said:



That feeling when you see the Tigers score 12 runs and you check the box score and Castellanos is 0-3 0-4 with a FC RBI 



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On 4/18/2018 at 12:06 PM, taobball said:


Keeping an eye on: 


Matt Boyd has an interesting repertoire to me, and opponent Kevin Gausman has been struggling with his limited repertoire. There's a difference between lacking Ks and lacking stuff. So far this season Boyd to me has fallen in that difference category. His K/9 is only 5.12, but the Whiffs tell a different story in the evaluation of Boyd's stuff. A 10.9% Whiff% is not that bad. Not at all. Right now it's 34th among 89 Qualifiers (62nd Percentile) whereas his K/9 is 6th Worst in Baseball (7th Percentile). Whether or not the Ks increase (I think they will) this is a solid pitcher who is missing bats and throws a Fastball, Change-Up, Slider, and Curveball all with regularity. Not an ace or anything close, but a solid pitcher who knows how to pitch and plays in the AL Central (Royals, White Sox) is worth a streaming eye and an add in Deep or AL-Only. Gausman had a decent game, but was also a bit fortunate to give up only 2 ER considering he gave up 2 HRs and an additional 7 Hits. Super lucky no one was on base. The Slider performed pretty admirably though. They did most of the damage off the FB. If the Slider can play up, it'll complete is repertoire. 


Faria and Hamels has some potential to be interesting. Hamels' Change-Up has rebounded early on and tha'ts his best pitch, and Faria has been back and forth. I do wonder if the Rays are trying to keep Faria from going deep in games with how limited his PCs are even in strong outings. Only 80 pitches here and seemed by the box score (didn't see the game) to be on Cruise. Is more of a two pitch guy who's learning to throw his breaking ball better, so maybe that has a lot to do with it. Certainly something to monitor if they aren't going to let him get to that third time at all. As for Hamels, I'm not "buying in" necessarily, but unlike last year's 4.20 ERA that was accompanied by terrible Ks, this year he's striking out batters and just giving up an absurd number of HRs. Maybe the HRs are a legitimate concern, but if the Ks and Whiffs are there for Hamels (they are) he's definitely interesting still. I wouldn't be rage dropping or selling low after some frustrating outings. Not yet. 


I wanna see Tyler Mahle throw some better non-fastballs. Slider performed pretty well for Whiffs. The Change-Up got the whiffs but mostly was off the plate and wasn't being respected. The BBs withstanding, I think this was a positive outing. Need to see more development in these areas still. 


Who misses more bats? Triggs or Fulmer? ASIDE: I definitely was looking over the games quickly and thought this was MICHAEL and not CARSON. But both these guys were terrible. What else can you say when one pitcher gave up 4 ER in 1 IP and the other 6 ER in 1.1 IP. Woof. 


Matz is todays injured Met of intrigue. Didn't get through 5 innings but an admirable performance at least in terms of K/BB against one of the better line-ups in baseball. Faced the minimum after the first inning, retiring his last 10 batters faced. 


I love watching Tyler Skaggs pitch. Hopefully he's on. Got singled and then gave up a very costly homer in one inning. I'm loading this one up now, but Skaggs from the box score appears to have struggled again with precise locations on his curve, giving up too many hits and barrels off of it. He got smacked, but for a smacking it was a less worrisome than other smackings I suppose. 


Berrios v. Carrasco is the marquis match-up if Puerto Rico can have power. Either way whenever the game happens (so long as it eventually happens), Berrios seemed very amped to be playing in PR in an interview I saw and that game should be epic to watch. Yup.






Keeping an eye on: 


(Luke Weaver's Getting Shelled)


(Cobb got Shelled)


Aaron Sanchez's Change and Curve usage, praying that he utilizes the latter. 


EdRod and Tropeano are two good FA/CH guys with intrigue on good teams. 


I'm still going to keep an eye on the formerly touted Marcos Gonzales


Jameson Taillon


Matt Harvey on the Mets previously injured player of intrigue list. 


Zack Greinke going for a rebound. 

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