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We have a 30-team dynasty league on Fantrax going into its 6th season and are looking for some new owners. 


- H2H Each Category 

- Points, Rebounds, Assists, 3s, Steals, Blocks, FT%, FG%

- 30 teams, 15 roster spots, 10 starters, 5 bench, no IR -- PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G/F, F/C, G/F, G, Flex, Flex

- Two matchups per week, play teams from both conferences throughout

- Salary Cap league, players salaries change annually based on a formula that uses past two season averages

- Have an annual two round rookie draft, you can trade draft picks throughout the season


This league thrives on league activity and I don't just mean the typical "I set my lineup and answer trades" type of thing. We need owners who have a fair amount of online availability and who come on our GroupMe chat and talk trades at least a couple times a week. GroupMe allows PM talks also, that's how most deals get worked out. If you can't commit to doing more than just the bare minimal, this isn't the league for you. If you think about fantasy hoops/NBA way more than you probably should. love to trade and trying to build a dynasty force, this is your Heaven. 


We got a little slack this past year and let many owners get by with subpar activity levels, so we decided to clean house and get things back to normal, so we are replacing 10 teams. Every offseason we figure out which teams need new owners, we take all the players and picks from those teams and place them in a draft pool and let the new owners have what we call a "Mini re-draft". So, you're going to be able to pick your own team from a fairly loaded pool when you join. There's some studs, some nice upside pieces, a handful of lottery draft picks, etc... Once we get all 10 teams filled, we'll begin the mini re-draft. 


You up for the challenge? Leave your email below and let me know which franchise you'd like to be yours (fyi I have this same post in a couple forums, so I'll try and update as teams are claimed, but list a couple just in case)












***If you don't already have a Fantrax account, please make one asap because it won't let me add you until you have an account***


If you're interested but never used Fantrax, this is the perfect time to try it. Let's put it this way, they've already allowed us to open our 2018-19 league page so that we could update our players new salaries and such. They don't shut down for maintenance to input rookies or projections, they do all of that without shutting the site down and they do it WAAAYYYY earlier than ESPN/Yahoo do it. Plus, they allow 30-team leagues with salaries and unlimited customization options. Do it.

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Hello, I'm interested in this league. Was in a proboards 30-teamer for about 5 years but it's started tanking over the past few years due to inactivity and poor management by commish (he would leave for weeks at a time during offseason). Is there an update on which teams are still available? I'm assuming they're literally just for name value at this point given the mini draft still needs to be done so I'd take NYK or CLE if they're still available, if not I really don't care too much about the name. Feel free to email me and we can go from there!




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Good morning,


Im very interested in this league. Huge Basketball fan and HUGEEEEEE Charlotte Hornets fan. I saw you had the Hornets available and would love the opportunity to compete in the league!


I've been looking for a league to be a part of for going on 4 years now and just haven't found the right one.


Look forward to hearing from you and thanks so much.



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