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Weekly - 30 Team Dynasty - Mimic NBA - $55 - Fantrax

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Here are a few of the key guidelines of our league... we currently have 6 teams available



Hardwood Hoops Dynasty Basketball League

League Constitution



1. League Basics

Hardwood Hoops is a Dynasty league, whereby teams retain all players in perpetuity until their contracts expire or they are voluntarily traded, released, or retire.

The matchup system is Weekly Head to Head: Points-Based.  Each scoring category is worth a point value (ex: a block is worth 1 point).  Teams compare weekly totals for each given match-up, and the team with the higher score is determined the winner.

The league has 30 teams divided into 6 Divisions: Western Conference NorthWest, SouthWest, Pacific and Eastern Conference SouthEast, Central and Atlantic.  This league is designed to mirror the real NBA.

The league has a hard salary cap, which is based on real life NBA salary caps.  The salary cap will be adjusted each year to reflect changes in the NBA salary structure.  An owners remaining salary cap (post-Free Agent Auction and Rookie Draft/G-League Draft) will be the in-season Free Agency Acquisition Budget.

A schedule consisting of 21 regular season weeks and 4 playoff weeks will be used.  Of those 21 weeks, 8 of those weeks will involve facing each division opponent twice;  10 of those weeks will involve facing every out of division conference opponent.  The remaining 3 weeks will be split between facing different opponents.  A schedule generator will be utilized by a league member.

A ~$2.67 dollar fee will be required from Owners each year to receive the Fantrax Premium version of the site, which gives us access to premium features such as Salaries, Contracts, and much more.  Fantrax Premium replaces the need to run an off-site, manual document.


Roster Structure:

PG, SG, G, PF, SF, F, C, Flex

There are no maximums for positions that can be rostered.


4. Free Agency and Waivers


Free Agency

Teams may pick up Free Agents at any point during the regular season, provided the player’s salary does not place the team above the salary cap.

A Free Agent is any player that is signed or has previously signed with an NBA team.  College players may not be picked up mid season.

Any attempt to cheat the system (ex: picking up a player still in college) will result in penalties.  These players are considered G-League players and can only be acquired via the Rookie Draft or trade.

Any player picked up during the season can only be picked up for the current year. Multiple year contracts can only be applied during the Free Agent Auction and Rookie Draft in the offseason.  A Free Agent keeps his salary for the remainder of the year, even if dropped.  This player will then be eligible for the FA Auction in the offseason.  These players are not eligible for contract extensions.


5. Draft


Free Agent Auction Draft


The Commish will advise the league the time and date the FA Auction will start and to post their two nominations at that time. The goal is to start the FA Auction before the Rookie Draft for the inaugural year, and then vice versa every year after.

Only players that are signed or have previously been signed with an NBA team may be acquired via the FA Auction.

Nominations are made on the “Message Forum” on the home page of the Fantrax website.  The title of the post will read “First Name, Last Name – Position - Team”.  The body of the post will be an amount.  The starting bid for any nomination cannot be less than $500 K.  Bids must be in increments of $250 K.  You can jump as high as you want; however, the salary must always end in multiples of $250,000.00 (i.e. $1,000,000.00 or $1,250,000.00 or $1,500,000,00 or $1,750,000.00).  YOU MUST MAKE YOUR BIDS LEGIBLE.  Bids that are hard to understand will be voided out.  Single digit bids only will be deemed invalid (i.e. "4" or "9").  Using dollar signs, decimals, and commas can help with legibility.  You can also spell out the amount if easier for you (i.e. 4 mIllion).

Please make an initial bid an amount that is closer to the actual amount you expect the player to be won at.  Bidding the minimum every time will make this a much more strenuous process.  (i.e. Don’t nominate Ben Simmons at $500K).

Once a winning bid goes 24 hours without another bid being made, the auction for that player is over.  At this time, the winning team will post on the thread the amount of years you want that player. 

Contracts are a maximum of four (4) years or a minimum of one (1) year.  You may sign every player to a one (1) year contract… or every player to a (4) four year contract… or a little of every contract length in between.

Once a nomination is won, the original nominating team is allowed to start a new post with a new player to auction and the process repeats itself.

Teams will never have more than two active auction threads at a time.

The Commish or Co-Commish will move the won player to the appropriate team.  They will then delete the completed auction thread for a player after it is confirmed that that player has been placed on the appropriate team.  Deleted posts are capable of being recovered if there ever comes a time that a team owner disputes the results of an auctioned player.

At no point in time can a team spend more than their running salary cap maximum.  Teams can bid only to a dollar amount which allows them at least $500K for any of the remaining free agent roster slots.  By the beginning of the Rookie Draft, EACH OWNER MUST HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR EACH ROOKIE DRAFT PICK THEY HAVE.  If not, they will lose their picks starting with the first and working down to the third. 

Once a team has a full roster they are done with the auction and they may no longer nominate players.  Any and all other transactions, including other nominations and trades, will be voided. 


Rookie Draft


The 1st round will be players taken in the real NBA draft only.  2nd and 3rd round picks may be any player taken in the current years NBA Rookie Draft OR a college Junior or Senior.

Draft order will be determined by the results of the previous year’s Playoffs and Consolation bracket.  The Consolation bracket top 3 will win a spot in the lottery for #1 Rookie Draft Pick next year.  

1st in Consolation = 60% chance to win top pick
2nd in Consolation = 30% chance to win top pick
3rd in Consolation = 10% chance to win top pick

The lottery will be live streamed in the off-season before the HH Rookie Draft.

The Playoffs Bracket will be in reverse order and make up the bottom half of the draft order. 

The Rookie Draft will start once the Free Agent Auction is complete OR when the Commish determines it needs to be started to be completed before the beginning of the season.  The Rookie draft will be before the FA Auction for every year EXCEPT the inaugural season.  The first year the FA Auction will occur before the Rookie draft.

The pick time for this draft will be 12 hours maximum.


Draft Eligibility:

Any player that had been deemed eligible to enter the NBA draft.


6. Salary Cap and Contracts


The league will have a hard cap, which will be determined during the offseason.

The Salary Cap number is set before the start of each season by the NBA and will not be modified during the season. 

At the beginning of every off-season each team will have until two weeks prior to the FA Auction or Rookie Draft (whichever comes first) start date to become compliant with the new salary cap.  The new salary cap will be announced before then.

If for whatever reason a team is over the cap during the season, Fantrax will show the team in violation and no points will be gained by that team during the week of competition.

If a team accepts a trade that would put the team over the salary cap, the trade will automatically be voided by Fantrax until the team takes the necessary action to get under the salary cap prior to the trade offer being made.

Fantrax will assign a salary of $500,000 (minimum salary) to all free agents.

Players in the G-League appear to have a standard $500,000 salary, but it is NOT counted against the cap as long as they are on your G-League roster.

Cap money can be traded.  SALARY CAP MAY ONLY BE MOVED IN DEALS WITH OTHER ASSETS.  YOU MAY NOT TRADE AWAY SALARY CAP ONLY.  The amount of money being moved must be posted in the comments of the trade.  The maximum amount of $20 million can be traded per year.  It should be noted, even if you acquire money from another team, only a maximum of $20 Million may be sent out by each team, each year.  This is to help facilitate trades.  Any money traded needs to be stated in the comments section of the trade for Commissioners to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to veto the trade.

If you cannot complete a trade due to not having enough salary cap room, THAT IS A ‘YOU’ PROBLEM.  You must be cognoscente of your available Salary Cap.  Salary Cap room will be needed for each Rookie draft pick you have AND to pick up Free Agents throughout the year.  It would behoove you to save some.




All initial contracts are a maximum of four (4) years for the Free Agent Auction and Rookie Draft.  When a player is won during the auction, that team will determine how long they would like to sign the player.

A Salary Cap penalty will be instituted if a player is dropped prior to the end of the FA contract.  The penalty is 50% of the contract at any point during the contract, for the remainder of the contract.

All Rookies drafted have an initial mandatory four-year contract.  A Rookie will also come with a 50% cap hit if dropped at any time during the contract.

If an NBA player dies or retires, his contract will be voided from that day forward.  The contract will end on the game day he last played and be prorated for the year (if incident occurrs during the year).  Due to contracts having to be in incriments of $250,000, the prorated amount will be rounded up to the nearest $250,000.00 interval. (i.e. A player is currently in a 4 year deal for $20 Million a year.  On game 10 of the first year of the contract, that player retires. 10 games of a 16 game schedule is 62.5%.  62.5% of $20 Million is $12,500,000.  This would be the amount he has played for.  If it somehow was $12,333,333.33, then this amount would round up to $12,500,000. Therefore, $7,500,000 would be refunded to the Owner as well as the remaining 4 years will be voided out.)  The player would then be immediately removed from the team.  If for any reason the player un-retires, all teams would have an equal opportunity at signing him.


7. Trading


Teams may trade the following assets:

Players on his active, reserves, IR, or G-League (minors)

Rookie draft picks (all 3 round picks) for following three seasons.

Up to $20 Million dollars of current year’s salary cap. (Up to $20 Million dollars may be sent out, regardless if salary is acquired from other teams)

To trade future Rookie Draft picks, the $57.67 league dues must be paid for those years with picks traded ($55 for League and $2.67 for Fantrax Premium).  Only the team sending the future draft picks needs to pay for the future season.  This will be handled by Fantrax Treasurer. 

Fantrax will not allow conditional picks so none will be allowed.

You may not trade draft picks for Salary Cap only.



Regular Season:

Consists of 21 scoring periods

Week 22: Playoffs/Consolation Bracket Starts

16 Teams make the Championship Playoffs (Top 16 teams; Division winners no longer matters in NBA)

Next 14 make the consolation playoffs

Late April:  Playoffs Completed, Champion Decided

Offseason Starts:

June: Start of Offseason

Trophies and banners are assigned

Rookie Draft orders are published.


10. Payouts


1st: $725

2nd: $300

3rd: $130

4th: $50


Division Winners: $50

Team Of The Week (awarded to team with highest point total for the week): $5 for each Regular Season Scoring Period

Most Points of any Single Regular Season Scoring Period: $20

Most Points Scored for the Entire Regular Season: $20




The six teams available are  (Chicago Bulls, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks, and Toronto Raptors)

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On 5/25/2018 at 5:25 AM, buddyyddub said:

How will the inaugural rookie draft order determined? Auction, random?


For the first year we are grouping in the rookies with our FA in the slow forums auction.  Every year after, they will be with the 3 round draft for rookies/college players.


Also, the Minnesota Timberwolves just became available.  First to respond gets the team.  Fees due upon joining via Fantrax Treasurer.  

Edited by The1Commish
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On 5/25/2018 at 11:38 PM, dino10k said:

Put me down as a replacement.....dino10k@yahoo.com


Minnesota Timberwolves were just vacated by a team and are now availbale.  First person to respond to me in here or email gets the team.  


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10 hours ago, Rains said:

I'm a Pistons fan so very interested

If the above constitution looks like something you would like.... You are in sir.

30 teams.  $55 dues + $2.67 for your portion of Fantrax Premium.  Fantrax handles finances.  Payment due upon joining.  This is our start up year.  GroupMe is a requirement.  And we try to make it as simple and fun as possible.  Shoot me your email and we can get you in here.  We will be starting the slow Auction post-NBA rookie draft later this month.

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14 hours ago, The1Commish said:

If the above constitution looks like something you would like.... You are in sir.

30 teams.  $55 dues + $2.67 for your portion of Fantrax Premium.  Fantrax handles finances.  Payment due upon joining.  This is our start up year.  GroupMe is a requirement.  And we try to make it as simple and fun as possible.  Shoot me your email and we can get you in here.  We will be starting the slow Auction post-NBA rookie draft later this month.

Messaged you back!

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Detroit Pistons are once again available.  The last team.  Please, if you have any interest make sure you realize this is a WEEKLY lineup league.  It is for ppl who want the Dynasty experience but have a real life to deal with and cant be researching and setting lineups every day like in a daily league.  Thanks.

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On 6/17/2018 at 10:37 AM, dsanders877 said:

Dsanders877@gmail.com if available 

We have a spot open... however it is the Minnesota Timberwolves.  I am sending an invite now.  Please let me know if you still would like to join.  We will be starting the league soon


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