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Go Farquhar.    Chicago White Sox‏Verified account @whitesox  ago The Chicago White Sox released the following update on the condition of White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar, currently a p


The same people closing down the bar tonight.

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Random reds pitcher owning the braves and Villanueva is out for the Coors series. Great start for the week

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11 minutes ago, SuperJoint said:


Actually being able to feel the baseball must be liberating.


felt it so well he threw a meatball on the outer edge. that escalated quickly.

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not down the middle
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Sad to see such sparse attendance at GABP.  Been many times early this millenium upon opening and those were some great crowds.  Enjoyed some Skyline, would head to Hofbraus after the game and hear the Yadi hate haha.


They have OF talent.  A top 3 1B, top gamecalling C with a stick, Senzel on the way.  I think the SP will be the key development piece to finally have a successful rebound.  Get Castillo going.  Mahle has a chance at a 3rd plus breaking pitch.  Finnegan and Garrett are physical talents.  Just missing a true number 1 perhaps to help with the coaching.  Sometimes monkey see monkey do is the best learning method.

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Folty was getting his inside FB called where many were borderline.  Ump didn't call them with Hamilton and walks him.  Folty pouted and emotions got him like the old days.  3 pitches later middle-high 4 seamer (strike) is parked in dead center field.

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