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Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

Carlos Correa

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2 hours ago, Willsea33 said:


Invalid post. This thread is reserved for Acuna circle jerk and hype train passengers only. 

Shouldn't be limited to the circle imo

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steamer projects .275/.325/.438 with 12 HR and 19 SB over 97 games. 

derek carty's the bat goes .264/.317/.437 with 16 HR and 18 SB over 118 games

neither of these seem outlandishly low too me. i think the SB have the most room for upside, but 20-ish feels reasonable for a rookie, especially since he was only successful on about half of his attempts. suntrust is still new enough that numbers haven't stabilized yet, but it appears to be much friendlier toward LHB regarding HR production and less so toward righties (as acuna is).

acuna's walk rate in AAA this season is his highest since rookie ball. it's obviously SSS, but i think there's room for optimism regarding plate discipline and OBP.

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9 hours ago, BMcP said:

T-minus two days before people start complaining and trying to sell low...


2 days?! HA!!!!!! You really believe in your fellow man don't you?! Sell low?! I'm tossing him to the scrap heap after 2 horrible at-bats!


Seriously, I can't wait to see him play. I saw him in the minors last year and he was a man (at 19) amongst boys.

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Banking on 15/15 as a floor, but expecting something more like 20/30 ROS. These are high expectations, but he has the talent. The power continues to improve so I don't see any reason why he can't hit 20 this year. I would assume he won't be batting near top of lineup for majority of his stay so I think they would let him run loose.

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9 hours ago, Stickfig13 said:

Bryce Harper’s Rookie Season

98R 22HR 59RBI 18SB .270





Under on most but not by a lot

0.270, 20HR, 20SB, 85R, 50rbi

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Just for reference, I gave Acuna a rough prime projection of .285/.338 with 27 HRs and 23 SBs in my top 100 prospects rankings in the MiLB forums: 

I view him as a guy that will run more early in his career and as he gets older, he adds more muscle and slows down while hitting for more power. 

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