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Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

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1 minute ago, Chwf3rd said:


Similar sparq score /=/ similar talent


Sure Chubb was thought of as a top 10 talent as a freshman but that was 3 years ago.  If he was thought of as a top 10 talent he would have gone in the top 10, not as the RB4.


Im not going to spout out my own analysis of each player (top 5 grade on Barkley and Round 3 grade on Chubb) but Barkley was almost unamously thought of as one of if not THE best RB prospect of all time, such a sure thing that the Giants were willing to pass on multiple potential franchise QBs for him.


Im lucky enough to have Chubb on my team but it’s an incredibly rare opinion to have him anywhere near Barkley as a talent (Waldman and Jon Ledyard are the only two that come to mind).

While I agree that similar SPARQ score does not equal similar talent I'm just trying to show that based on raw athletic ability they aren't as far off as many people seem to believe. However, when you pair his SPARQ score with his production in college as well as when you just watch him on film you can tell Chubb is going to be a special player.

Chubb split time after he came back from his injury with Sony Michel which is is one reason he fell in the draft and because of how the RB position has been devalued. Chubb also wasn't involved in the passing game in college which is why he went behind guys like Penny and Michel.


We'll never know where Chubb would have went in the draft if he didn't mangle his knee and it's irrelevant at this point. However, I think it would have been similar to the Fournette vs. Cook debate as who would be the first RB drafted in the 2017 draft between Barkley and Chubb in the 2018 draft.


Basically what I'm trying to say is Barkely = Elite and I think Chubb can get there as well. 

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1 hour ago, raidaz18 said:

No he's not, where do you come up with this garbage?


Chubb can't do ANY aspect of the RB position better than Barkley, nothing.


He can't even pass block which is why he doesn't play much.

Any? Chill out my guy. If you want Barkley to truck a guy over Chubb lemme get some of that smoke you got. Barkley is a far more well rounded talent but chill w the “ANY, NOTHING” talk

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Yea Barkley is just insane, chubb is not Barkley, but he can easily be a top 10 standard RB ROS. He is an excellent runner, so powerful and explosive, and will run circles around what Hyde has been doing the last 6 weeks..

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Back in the building!!! I have been reformed! Yay! Now that I have Chubb, I can avoid the Bell thread and not sweat Conners reduced role. What a treat! Thanks Rotoworld. At one point, this kid was being talked about as better than Gurley. Imagine that. There is a picture floating around of him jumping higher than peoples shoulders from a standing position. Kid is ridiculous. About to load up on YouTube clips now! Enjoy!

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3 hours ago, devaster said:

Realistically I think Chubb is going to struggle quite a bit. Hyde wasn't struggling all on his own. Defenses were keying on him because Baker is still a rookie. That probably doesn't change much until Baker turns it around.


The bright side is Haley loves a one RB system. He funnels most of the RB touches through one guy. That guy is conceivably Chubb going forward. And if Baker starts playing better and the offense begins to improve Chubb is in for a massive workload.

Does Chubb have good hands? I just have a hard time seeing Haley trying to turn Chubb into a Le'Veon Bell for the Browns, when they have a dynamic playmaker in Duke Johnson that can catch with the best of them.

Would love it if that was the case though, as I was able to snatch Chubb of waivers like a minute after I saw the news on Rotoworld. Would be awesome if he became a one man wrecking crew.

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4 hours ago, Golden Spikes said:

they laughed at me when I traded Cam and Melvin 3 for Michel, Chubb and Mahomes before last week


(keeper league where Gordon isn't able to be kept)




lol, wow. You definitely won that trade. Not bad.

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5 hours ago, munde53 said:

Chubb is on the same level talent wise as Barkley and if Chubb didn't have his knee mangled in college he may have been drafted ahead of Barkley. That's not hyperbole.


Yes it is. He's nowhere near the receiving threat and three-down talent that Barkley is. 

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3 hours ago, HBEACH said:

Way to ride the fence. 


Lol the idea that this is weakness is silly.  


The socratesian "I know that I know nothing" is a smarter thing to say than "OMG YOU CAN JUST TELL HE"S GONNA BE A SPECIAL PLAYER"


Sometimes the boring thing is the most reasonable thing to say and to make outlandish predictions just because

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I went all in with faab, beat out other guys in my league that bid Max. Ole Chubby is one of those picks who could win a league or turn out to be mediocre. Fortune favors the bold in fantasy life....chooo choooo

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6 hours ago, munde53 said:


Actually he is, lower but still elite either way (99% SPARQ vs 98% SPARQ).


How do you figure? Have you meticulously broken down their game tapes? I haven't so I'm not going to pretend by saying Chubb does some aspect of the RB position better than Barkley but I'm also not going to throw out a blanket statement that Barkley is better at everything compared to Chubb. Obviously Barkley is tearing it up right now so it's easy to say he's better at everything when compared to Chubb.


Rookie RBs typically struggle in pass blocking as many are not required to do so in college. Chubb falls under that category but that does not mean he will not improve in that area. Michel was the RB who was typically in on passing downs in Georgia so it makes sense that there would be a learning curve for Chubb.


Matt Waldman who writes for the Footballguys graded Chubb higher than any RB he has graded in the past 5 years, that includes Barkley. I'm not saying that Waldman is correct or that he's some great talent evaluator but it is food for thought.


Chubb was on a path after his freshman year to be a top 10 draft pick before a horrific injury almost derailed his career. 



Saquon Barkley 99% SPARQ score (149.8).

Nick Chubb 98% SPARQ score (140.1).


SPARQ scores are definitely not everything but they do show raw athletic ability and the two players aren't as far off as the common perception would lead you to believe. Now I do believe Barkley is a better athlete but I don't think it's by as big of a margin that many people would lead you to believe. 

I don't care about SPARQ score nor do i care what some fantasy football writer claims. All one needs to do is watch football.


Barkley looks like the most well rounded RB to come out since maybe Leveon Bell(Gurley is in this talk too).


Chubb isn't anywhere near these guys, I don't need or want to write a book to explain this to you.


You really think if Chubb was as good as you claim that he would be getting 3 carries a game behind Hyde?


Chubb is no doubt a talented back, he could turn into a great player but people should pump the brakes a bit on short sighted predictions.

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7 hours ago, chief79 said:

In standard scoring DJ is the #9 RB. There is no way you have 2-3 RBs ranked higher and even if you did, you could certainly trade him to make your team better.  I call BS on dropping him.

In Std. he is #17in ppg, completely td dependent, and will be ranked outside the rb1 tier in total points scored after this week. Let's acknowledge that he is averaging 3.2 ypc and not getting his expected targets.


I had 3 rbs averaging more ppg, in much better offenses before picking up Chubb.   I dropped Michel & AP to keep a light burning for DJ.


What I am saying, and the point, is that Chubb's ros outlook is a close rb1 going forward (and looks better than DJ's right now.)

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2 hours ago, BGDDYKWL said:

Obviously he's a must-add if he's available but I'm not so sure Duke doesn't outscore him in PPR ROS.


Duke Johnson had 74 receptions last year which was good for 19th in the entire league. Everyone that had more receptions than him and a lot of guys that had less than him are household names that started and got heavy playing time. 19th anongst all the elite WR’s and TE’s that you can think of .... in a limited reserve role (didn’t start a single game). I’ll say for sure Chubb doesn’t outscore him in PPR. 

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