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Several possible deals - whir

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OK, so I'm sorely missing some starting pitching. I have a glut of OFers that I'm willing to deal away, but I've had a few offers. This is a 10 team, keep 25, dynasty league... let me know if anything strikes you as reasonable.


  • My Arenado for his Sale
  • My Harper for his Sale + Godley
  • My Yelich for his Godley
  • My Lindor for his Godley
  • My Arenado fro his Severino
  • My Betts for Carrasco (lol?)
  • My Lindor for Nola
  • My Yelich for Nola


Anything you see worth exploring? If not, any ideas on what sort of SP you'd be willing to give up for guys like Lindor and Yelich?


Thanks, and WHIR.





Team and league info:


10 team, keep forever dynasty league, H2H



My team:

C - Posey

1B - Myers

2B - Gordon

3B - Arenado

SS - Lindor

IF - Machado

OF - Trout

OF - Betts

OF - Harper

OF - Yelich

UTL - Moustakas

UTL - T Hernendez

UTL - C Hernendez

BN - LeMahieu


SP - deGrom 

SP - McCullers Jr

RP - Doolittle

RP - Edwards Jr

P - Madson

P - Pivetta

P - Taillon

P - Happ

BN - Weaver

BN - R Lopez


DL: J Turner, C Knebel

NA: W Calhoun, A Meadows

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6 minutes ago, BlueJaysIn2030 said:


ha! Sorry just waking up. I want JD and i'm mixing thoughts here. I probably wouldn't do any of the trades for the original post. Although, the need for pitching on this team is real. You have Trout and Betts in the OF so i'm okay dealing Harper. Just try to get better than Godley with Sale.

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