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May Closer Thread 2018

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13 minutes ago, exzacly909 said:


I agree. As an Angles fan, I thought before the season Jim Johnson was weirdly going to end up getting saves this year. I am however still on the Keynan side of things. I think the last two days were more about Key just coming off the DL. I think even more so last night because he did pitch the day before. Coming back from an elbow discomfort, I thought that was the smart too. 


His command before the injury was a little bit unsettling. But I actually thought Scioscia was on board with him closing it out. He was one of the more consistent guys I’ve seen him use in a while. I think as long as Keynan continues to show decent command he will end up/stay there. 


First thing to go with an elbow injury is command. 


This is a situation that I'd continue to roster both Johnson and Middleton if I owned both. 


And as mentioned above, Scioscia screwed up by not allowing Johnson to start the inning clean.

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2 minutes ago, evillaw4eva said:

Chapman struggling. Looked like he grimaced a little too 


1 minute ago, Code of Hammurabi said:

Chapman doesnt look right and is struggling and laboring..

If he were to go on the DL in the near future, who is next in line? Robertson? Betances?

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Just now, AnonymousRob said:


If he were to go on the DL in the near future, who is next in line? Robertson? Betances?

Both have been pretty rough lately. I would think Robertson. Betances still has some pretty bad control issues 

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1 hour ago, azeri98 said:

Knebel wasn't very good before he got injured actually he was garbage and its not like he has a strong resume of closing 3/4 of a year, if he falters at all i see the Hader/Jefferes combo coming back, they have been lights out together.Knebel walks a lot of batters compared with the other 2

No, he wasn't good, but it was a very small sample size like others have said.  The thing is he wasn't wild, issuing 0 walks in those 3 games, so I wouldn't have been concerned even if he never got hurt.  Other closers weren't exactly stellar out of the gate either.


You are actually right that he doesn't have a long resume of being an elite closer and walks more than you'd like at times, but he still was an elite closer regardless last season.  He'll have a long enough leash, and until he proves anyone otherwise, he still should be viewed as a near-elite closer at worst.

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