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May Closer Thread 2018

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26 minutes ago, JFS179 said:

Tommy Hunter in the 7th of a 3-1 game. If Dominguez gets the 8th, that would be quite interesting. 


FWIW, James Anderson of Rotowire Gabe Dominguez an Edwin Diaz comp as having just electric stuff with comes-and-goes command. 


He got the 8th and looked fantastic.  12 IP, 9 for strike, perfect inning.  

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2 minutes ago, screaming_vultures said:

My brothers, make no mistake Dominguez is the guy to own in this bullpen. 


Absolutely. If you are in a dynasty you want Dominguez over Neris. I'm in a holds league and made a waiver claim on him.

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Just now, 9703 said:

Had a pinch-hitter been unnecessary, does anyone think Dominguez goes back out for the 9th?


Don't think so. Looks like Dominguez for the 8th and Ramos for the 9th was the plan all along. 


If you are just looking to own players currently getting saves then it might be too early to grab this guy. If your league counts holds or people own RPs for the ratios and K's then this guy would be a must add in a dynasty for me. I'm not sure I like him much less than a CJ Edwards or even Chris Devenski. 

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11 minutes ago, meh2 said:

I ask this as a Neris owner but is he even one of the top 3 relievers on the Phillies?


I think it was said Neris was unavailable. He did get up and throw a few pitches however so I'm not sure what was going on. Ramos had little trouble. Dominguez looked even better. Given the Phils are competing this year I don't expect Neris to have a long leash. I could see Neris getting passed in these save and hold situations by a bunch of others in that pen. 

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