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I come into this thread and see a LOT of posts about how terrible Godley is doing.  I check my team and see he already earned me a QS, has only allowed 1 run with a 1.50 ERA through six while giving m

Might have to make my way up north soon!  ? 

*Owns JRam & Zimmer.  *Checks box score and sees 10 runs in 3rd inning   *Clicks on biz score and sees BOTH out of the lineup  

3 minutes ago, RedRaider27 said:

It's possible. They have almost nothing going for them. I'd trade Machado while you still can get something back and blow it all up.


And on cue the laa bullpen puts them back in the game.

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1 minute ago, 96mnc said:


And on cue the laa bullpen puts them back in the game.

Gotta love that great bullpen! They will have to get an arm or two back there if they are serious about making a run this year. Good thing Bundy was awful or we would've lost this game. Not what I wanna see from them.

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2 hours ago, Members_Only_76 said:


I get it. I think the same about other players in these threads sometimes.


Please keep in mind it’s kind of play by play deal in here, And definitely reactionary. It’s not the postgame thread. 


Oh I understand but if I forget to check my teams before stumbling into this thread on any given day -- like today -- I fear having a heart attack, hah.

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