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I come into this thread and see a LOT of posts about how terrible Godley is doing.  I check my team and see he already earned me a QS, has only allowed 1 run with a 1.50 ERA through six while giving m

Might have to make my way up north soon!  ? 

*Owns JRam & Zimmer.  *Checks box score and sees 10 runs in 3rd inning   *Clicks on biz score and sees BOTH out of the lineup  

1 minute ago, crotchcrickets said:

It’s the cardinals fellas.  


I said "a pulse." He compared him to a guy stealing money from you... I don't think anyones making more out of this than it is. 

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5 minutes ago, Lebanasty said:


Rays are playing damn good baseball thus far.


"dam good" is below 500? yea theyre kinda of hot but this lineup is terrible 


half our guys are hitting so far over there head and we are still bottom half in runs per game and sub 500, dreading seeing how terrible we are once guys come back to earth


but hey maybe im wrong and these no names learned how to hit? wouldnt be mad but yea.......

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