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Trade away Scherzer for Kershaw?

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I give: Max Scherzer and Mitch Haniger

I get: Clayton Kershaw, Marcell Ozuna, and Willson Contreras


I need a C but is it worth the downgrade from Scherzer to Kershaw? My league favors strikeout-heavy pitchers. h2h league 6x6 standard cats plus OPS and K/9.

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If you consider Scherzer/Kershaw to be a wash (i do) then this comes down to your opinion on Ozuna.  If he bounces back that side clearly wins, if you are worried about him doing that I'd avoid this deal.  


Kershaw and Ozuna both have some question marks right now so this could be a fantastic buy low or it could bite you...some volatility here.  Having said that I think I'd do it.



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1 hour ago, Members_Only_76 said:

I actually like the Kershaw side - upgrade at both OF and C....not much of a downgrade from Max to Clayton.

Agree with this, I like the two upgrades and what would the odds be for better year the rest of the way between Max and CK?  I mean Max would be slight favorite but you wouldnt bet your car on it, so on a 7-6 type split/bet you uptrade two other spots

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