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Justin Turner or Eugenio Suarez for the rest of the season?

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I've got a trade offer. I can get either Eugenio Suarez or Justin Turner. Turner is expected back this week and he has clearly been the better player the last two seasons, but I am concerned that he injury will dampen his production the rest of the season. 


Suarez has fizzled after great starts before, though he tends to finish with strong Septembers, but maybe he is the safer bet for just this season?


Thoughts? WHIR. Just leave a link. 

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Rush, what exactly is the point of your shtick? We get it. Always trade away or cut every pitcher possible. Knowing how over-the-top you go, how exactly is that helpful?


In this case, I am trading an arm for one of those guys, so I appreciate the feedback, but it gets a little difficult to take your contributions to the board seriously. 

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