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One of the most in-depth, GM-style dynasty leagues you will find.


Contracts/salary cap

40-man rosters with 10 player practice squad to build rookies

Rookie draft

Free agent and restricted free agent auctions

16 game regular season with 3 double header weeks, playoffs still week 14-16




$110 yearly fees plus one-time $100 deposit on team


This league is actually going into year 5, but we are looking to add a second 16-team conference to join the first 16-team conference. The second conference will join this year and will run with it's own start-up draft and it's own copy of players. Good because you get to start a dynasty team from scratch in a set of rules where all of the kinks have already been worked out. Great set of guys in the first conference - no turnover this year, all teams are returning, if that says how good the group is and while worked out the rules are. Rules open the league up for a ton or trading and crafting your team from year to year.


League page: http://www59.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/30638#0


Email me for more info. Looking to get the start-up draft going as soon as we have the second conference filled.

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