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Aww yes...I remember those days. Mrs. Theory slicing through hitters in the 9th like it was her warm banana bread.

So can we rename this "The Daily Crothcrickets Bitching Thread" yet or what?    

*checks stats around the start of the games today*   1/1....ahhh today’s gonna be a good day   *checks stats a little bit later*   1/8....ahhh today’s not going to be a g

What happened to Mikolas today? Didn't watch the game but looking at gamecast he gave up nothing but singles and just overall lots of weak contact. Just could not get guys out. Sucks he could only go 4.2 and not get 5 IP to be qualified for the win

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3 minutes ago, Fantasy Baseball Geek said:


Disregard my previous post. You are correct. I forgot that it was an official game. 

That'll be interesting since matchups for this week could be decided in June by the continuation of that game

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Today's NYY @ WAS game (Sabathia v. Scherzer) postponed to June 18. Yesterday's suspended game (which was to restart at 5:05 ET) postponed as well. The suspended game will be completed on June 18 as well, prior to the start of today's postponed game.

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