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Pivetta, Peralta, German WHIR

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How would you rank Nick Pivetta, Freddy Peralta, and Domingo German? Who would you rather take a chance on?

H2h points, 12 owner, redraft, QS = 4, W = 3, L = -3

Thank you!

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German looked as bad in his second start as he looked great in his first. If his first start is the truth then he's worth watching. 


That said I lean to Pivetta too because German may not stay in the rotation ROS

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Would German be the number 2 here? I imagine he will more reliably stick in the rotation until Montgomery gets back compared to Peralta, who could lose it if he doesn't play well against Minnesota this weekend. But so far our only exposure to Peralta is as an elite strikeout pitcher (albeit with almost entirely fast ball useage, and not a long history of pedigree in the minors), whereas we have seen both a great start and a mediocre start out of German. I don't think German's last start was as bad as it looked from the numbers, but alas I think both of them are relatively interesting and cannot decide between the two.


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