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Pick Two SP: Happ/Fulmer/Flaherty/Pivetta? WHIR!


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10 team roto redraft league (5x5 scoring with QS instead of W). Which two SP would you pick to have ROS? Currently have Fulmer and Happ, but both Flaherty and Pivetta are available as FA.


Leave a link and WHIR. Thanks for the input!

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Of the 2 you have, I think I would continue to hold Happ.  He's putting things together and underlying stats seem to indicate it's real.  And with QS vs win's, he's a good option.  Fulmer is not bad by any means, but for the ROS is the lessor of the 2 IMO.


Loving what Flaherty and Pivetta are doing.  Flaherty has a higher ceiling, but worried he gets crowded out since he has options?  Really love Pivetta as well and he has really figured things out this year after a rough first season last year.  If you can take the higher upside risk go with Flaherty, it you want a more consistent sure thing, I think I take Pivetta.




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13 minutes ago, absknicks said:

I'd rank them: 


1. Fulmer

2. Pivetta

3. Happ

4. Flahery


Happ and Pivetta are close, though. 


i agree with this ranking but the gap between pivetta and flaherty is very small, its a matter of preference between the 3. Fulmer is the best of the bunch though

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1. Pivetta
2. Happ
3. Flaherty
4. Fulmer

The top 3 are really a toss up though. Pivetta's really only had 2 bad games through his 10 starts and has had a strong K count so that's why I have him at the top. Happ's also been producing a good chunk of Ks and has a long track record of pitching well, but at the same time I don't think his potential for this season is as high as Pivetta. And Flaherty has also pitched well so far. A small sample size, but it looks good. Though his Ks will likely be a notch below Happ and Pivetta.

Fulmer on the other hand to me is easily at the bottom of this group. I'm kind of surprised most people have him at the top. He doesn't produce much in terms of Ks, so in order for him to have relevant fantasy value he needs to have a really good ERA and WHIP. And so far this year, he hasn't shown that. His best comparable fantasy wise would be Tanner Roark, who I'd also have below all 3 of the guys mentioned above.

So as far as I'm concerned I'd drop Fulmer and pick up Pivetta. I'd also keep Happ just because you already have him on your roster.

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