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13 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

Josh Donaldson taken out of the game while limping on the base paths.

Sweet...so glad I traded for this turd. He is who Oakland thought he was 

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David Price not back out for the 6th  with a 7-2 lead.  Speculation is because he was hit earlier in the game with a baseball to his chest and started to walk some players after that.  Probably just sore since he stayed in for a few innings afterwards.


JBJ just made a web gem on Kendrys Morales in deep center.

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When you're on a mobile device and quote something, then delete the line below the quote block for whatever reason, WHY THE f--- CAN'T YOU TYPE A RESPONSE AFTERWARDS?!

The reply box simply refuses to let you enter a line break, or even place your cursor on a new line (neither above or below!) once you delete that first line. The only place you can type anything is INSIDE the quote block!

Wtf, this is infuriating.

And there isnt even an option to see the html code or anything so you can't manually edit anything!


And why in the world is the default to automatically regenerate previous unsent messages in the text box??. If I had a reply that I didn't send, obviously I dont want it to pop back up every single time I click the reply box on that thread! This just compounds the above problem by 100x!


Sorry for the rant, but the text box here has the worst interface of any message board I've used lately. Why did they decide to make it so much worse than it waa a year ago?


Goddamn I'm about to rage drop this forum 

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37 minutes ago, Dr. Whom said:

Sweet...so glad I traded for this turd. He is who Oakland thought he was 


One of the worst takes I've ever seen on these forums, and that's saying something. Dude won an MVP after Oakland traded for peanuts. Lmao.

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17 minutes ago, Caelum said:

To be fair on Weaver, he hasn't looked good at all today, but a better first baseman than Jose Martinez almost certainly makes that play to prevent two more runs from scoring in the fourth.


Martinez is a butcher at 1b.

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