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I receive: gio gonzalez, kershaw, hamilton


I give up: albies, mazara, archer


My team is the following:

C perez

1b abreu

2b albies

3b shaw

SS lindor

CI andujar

MI bregman

Of trout

Of cain

Of Kris davis

Of judge

Uti mazara

Uti crawford

BN macmahon

DL pollock


Pitchers: morton, meada, archer, corbin, richards  tanaka, teheran, manaea, bumgarner

RP: Rodney, santana (pirates), musgrove, devenski

DL melancon, santana


Catorgies: runs, rbis, sb, obp, hr

                    Qs, saves, whip, k/9, era


Should i do this trade?? If i do, what 2b should i pickup (marwin gonzalez, odor, kipnis, pedroia, zobrist, gyroko, kingrey, pirela) and who should i drop for him??


Any help would be great

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Who is the 2B he is dropping, maybe you can rework the deal to get a 2B back?  Because whoever you drop and add, kind of adds onto the trade.  So lets say you drop McMahon and add Odor to make it work position wise, that becomes part of the trade as well.  


Youre getting Bum back, so thats almost like a trade in and of itself.  I might let it marinate a bit, see if Kershaw is Kershaw and see what develops on your own staff, see what happens with McMahon, does he actually get some 2b run and is successful?  

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