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Just now, Evincar said:


Not when he's coming off a 113 pitch game the start before. 

Again it's only 113 pitches. And that last game there was no stress until his last inning of work. And this game he's had 3 baserunners. Lots of pitches+stressful innings is bad. Stress free and handling business then the PC is much less a concern.

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Seems like 110ish pitches is a pretty standard workload for a frontline starter to me. 


Not excessive enough to effect the next outing anyway. 


I know we live in the era of pitch counts being the prime indicator of stress on an arm, but the context of those pitches is so much more relevant than the final number. 

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4 minutes ago, Marty Funkhouser said:

Meh, Phillies just took the lead and Nola wasn’t laboring. Close game at 2-1 you let your ace own it it’s his game.

This.  110-120 pitches isn’t some incredible feat of physical strenth or athleticism.  It should be standard and not the exception, especially for a number 1 starter.

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They played “Sorry” as he was walking off lol...


Well the scouts are dead-on about him.  Impressive control, lost a lot of movement on when his pitch count rose and the ball started to rise.  You just can’t groove pitches in the Show unscathed.  Made a few mistakes that he should learn from.

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2 minutes ago, ShaneMT31 said:


I would say that he gave him a little longer of a leash because of the 8 spot, but this is Francona here.


Exactly.  At least Francona is consistent - you stay in until you give up those 1-2 extra runs and then you sit down.

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