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JR Smith..... LeBron gunna keel yu.....

Read this thread and woulda guessed Quintana was getting lit up for real.    Check the box score and he's thrown 5 scoreless with a K/per and a 1.0 Whip.    Geez boys, it's basebal

Bieber dealing so hard he broke MLB stat tracking 

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Just now, Yceman1234 said:

This Lindor cat is pretty decent.  Might become a really good player one day.


totally gonna put him on my scout team.  think he's viable in 2 teamers?

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Doctor Smooth is 0/3 with 2 walks as it looks like his hitting streak will end at 19. The game could go to extras.


It might be time to sell Cody Allen before his arm turns to a noodle. 

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2 hours ago, 96GOAT said:

Munoz is a beast at shortstop.  :rolleyes:



how does every damn player that comes up in that organization tear it up right away, and then suck only to be replaced by another guy tearing it up the next year out of no where and then suck

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2 hours ago, Fuzzy_Slippers said:

LOL, Matheny brought in Weaver to pinch-run for Voit. 

This is not a completely unusual thing to see in a Cardinals game. It's a result of having too many relievers (many of whom suck anyways) and a short bench with no speed. Dumb as hell.

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