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1 hour ago, Yceman1234 said:

Yeah, but I'll take that oppo HR.  This kid is so fun to watch.  He might be having the most fun out of anyone playing right now.

Yeah I'm lucky I got to grab him. Would be nice if he adds steals to his reportoire though, seems like he's got the speed and the green light

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6 minutes ago, pbjfb said:

They ibbed Rosario to get to sano?

Seems silly, but Carrasco made Sano look stupid in previous two ABs swinging at sliders breaking out of the zone.  Got cocky with that IBB and hung a slider for a double.  Love it! haha

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Okay I know Chase Anderson sucks...why take him out after 82 pitches with men on and two outs just so a reliever can let in all the runs. Milwaukee is going to lose to CWS because their manager is a moron. How can a GM not fire this incompetence?

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8 minutes ago, jahweedum said:

I literally have every Angels hitter in a bunch of my DFS lineups EXCEPT Kinsler and Pujols .....


Everyday I stack the right games, but never the right players...... I just don't understand - it's insane, everytime......

Start adding an extra lineup with the players that didn't make it on the other stacks

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