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Bryce Harper vs Charlie Blackmon in NL Dynasty? WHIR!

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12 team NL-ONLY keeper league (we keep 5 mlb players and 2 minor leaguers with no salaries)


My team is in full-on rebuild mode and I have the chance to acquire either Bryce Harper or Charlie Blackmon to set me up for next season.  Both carry their own risk...Harper could sign with AL team and I’d lose him for nothing.  Blackmon is signed with Rockies, but his production could fade.


My current keepers (of the 5) are 


Nolan Arenado

Freddie Freeman

Juan Soto

Will Myers

AJ Pollack


Other candidates - 

Brandon Nimmo

Austin Meadows

Ross Stripling


In either deal, I would trade







and get 


Harper or Blackmon


I would then keep Meadows + Harper or Blackmon.


Who would you prefer?



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I do like the 5 keepers of Nolan, Harper, Meadows, Soto, & Freeman. I would like to think that Harper stays in the NL. I would take the chance on getting Harper, but agree with @jh83 & would try to squeeze a solid draft pick, just in case he does go to the AL. 

If worried about that & I can't blame you, then I would go with Blackmon. Thanks for mine & good luck!

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Based on who you are trading away I think it is worth the risk for Harper. If he stays in the NL you can plug Meadows right in next to him and you have your keepers. If not, well you're going to have to find another keeper but you still have Freeman, Soto, Meadows and Arenado. 

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1 minute ago, Rush2112 said:

Hang onto Myers, Pollock, Nimmo & move you're other player and then throw in someone else, then go after the Harper/Blackmon duo. 


The only players I have of note other than Myers, Pollack and Nimmo are Arenado, Freeman, Soto and Meadows.  


I would much rather have Freeman, Arenado and Soto, right?

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