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So...  I'm seriously beginning to wonder how it would go in a h2h league to trade all my pitchers and then just stream whoever is facing NYM/BAL/SD...


i could see it working...

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Bauers in the 2 hole Adames in the 3 hole, bauers just had a real nice AB ending with a single, lets go adames!


finally theres players to actually watch during rays games keep it up kids


update: adames K with 2 men on............sigh

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2 minutes ago, Grace17 said:

Sigh, another Chris Sale outing where the vaunted BoSox offense does jack s---..


But of course the 1st run comes on a home run owned by the guy I'm facing. 

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15 minutes ago, whyamiajetfan said:

did anyone see meadows drop the ball and it went over the fence for a "homerun".. isnt it an error tho? shouldnt those runs be unearned?  im confused 


I thought the same thing, but how would you even score it? 


10 minutes ago, midlip said:

New owner of David Peralta and like what i see.... dude just looks like a ball player and hit a bomb today! 


Well, kind of

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