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7 minutes ago, FUM said:

Felipe Vazquez should call Sean Doolittle and get tips from a real professional left-handed closer.


Doolittle is pretty impressive considering he almost exclusively throws FB. 

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2 minutes ago, Dr. Whom said:

Soria blown save incoming

He got out of it...He is tough as nails right now

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9 minutes ago, dannyusf said:

Everytime gattis hits a home run I cry a little and kind of blame the Rotoworld forums for being so impatient and saying to drop players. 

Here you go, mate 


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3 hours ago, mavsfan23 said:

Pivetta should be a big trade target if you don’t own him.  


3 hours ago, mavsfan23 said:

I stand by my statement, the price just got a little lower. 

I bet you can get screaming deals on Duffy, Giolito, Sharky, and Chatwood too!

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Anyone got any stats on how many 2-HR games players have had recently??  Seems like everyone is doing it the last few days!!


***Also - a first - a thank you to Dave Roberts!! If he hadn't sat Grandal today Gattis would of been in like one of my lineups instead of a few!!

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3 minutes ago, pbjfb said:

Lineup of the day:

C Gattis

1b Healy

2b Goodrum

3b j. Turner

SS Correa

RF Soto

CF marisnick

LF k. Davis

SP t. Anderson

RP Greene





Jesmuel Valentin - value play of the year maybe?!

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16 minutes ago, pbjfb said:

Did you hit on the rest of the lineup with that one?





Thought I had started him in more lineups, but I think I 2nd guessed it more than I thought.  Had Gerritt Cole in both lineups too - he wasn't garbage, but he also wasn't worth the trade in value either for what he produced (most expensive pitcher of the day)

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