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Stanton offer WHIR


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10 teams keeper league

C - Realmuto

1B - Freeman

2B - Albies

3B - Bregman

SS - Segura

OF - Benidenti, Yelich, JMart

U - Pham, Rizzo

Bench - A. Jones, T hernandez,  SuArez, Pollock (DL)


SP - Lester, Porcello, Happ, Newcomb, CSmith, Flaherty, Lugo, Stripling, Strasburg (DL)


RP - Hand, Treinin, 


Got offer -  acquire Stanton and Snell for Benidenti and Albies.


which has better side?

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even deal, i like all 4

right now Albies side winning, due to Stantons start


I think Stanton is the best guy, and i think Snell is 2nd tier SP


If i need 2B, i might lean Albies

If i had 2B, i lean Stanton

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agree with HOOTIE here. value is almost identical IMO.


Stanton, he is who he is. everybody is shouting out 'SLUMPING' while he is still hitting .800+ OPS.


Snell seems like a legit breakout, peripherals look good, definitely passes the 'eye test'.


Benintendi is a stud, Albies has a bright future (while I see him struggling a bit for the next 1~2 years)


If you need a 2B or if you are in a rebuilding phase, take Ben/Albies.


If you are contending, or if you need a SP, take Stanton/Snell.




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