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Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

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A team that revolves around lowry and Jv? Have you ever watched a raptors game in your life?    Jonas played 22.4 mpg. His usage was 22.5. Lowry had an ever lower usage of 21.5.  

Garnett joined a loaded BOS roster with Pierce, Ray Allen and Rondo.   TOR traded their highest usage player (DeRozen) for Kawhi.  He's also going to a team with the 3rd highest pace (SA was

I'd actually argue that it's better to be traded than sign as a FA because TOR just gave up their #1 usage player to get Kawhi.  LeBron & Durant went to teams with multiple superstars (Wade, Bosh

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12 minutes ago, croydonfacelift said:

How does Toronto management put up with this? Is he being paid for these games? Are they fining him? What a child.

Are you kidding me? He can literally tell them he's in the mood to play Fortnite instead of basketball and they'll bring in a TV for him to play in the locker room and probably be applauded for it. Toronto is going to do whatever the hell he wants.

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Kawhi Leonard (sore left foot) will not play vs. the Lakers on Sunday.

Leonard "jammed" his foot vs. the Suns on Friday and it's not surprising to see Toronto play it safe, especially since this is the first half of a back-to-back set. We'll consider him questionable to play vs. Utah on Monday, though he could be headed for another game-time decision.
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19 minutes ago, a-rob said:

Because they are holding out for a huge pay day this summer. got a feeling this is gonna be a year long thing him sitting out back to backs ugh. Owning him and Jimmy in the same league can be a huge pain the the arse

own them both too in my money league. pain in a** indeed.

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Anybody here read the report about Uncle Dennis opening up his own agency with capital infusion from a private equity?


I was just thinking that it's so easy to speculate about the fallout with the Spurs and point to a deteriorating relationship with the management and even Pop himself because they are very subjective variables. I am not saying that no relationship soured -- I think there was more souring with his relationship with Tony and maybe others than with Pop himself -- but even before the players-only meeting or the interviews (Pop's, Tony's, and Manu's) steps towards this outcome could have already been taken.


Of course, this argument's prose is that the move was motivated by Uncle Dennis, Kawhi's father figure, making him the selling point of his new agency but had to move him to a bigger market in order to maximize returns. This, too, is just speculative, though for me is a more compelling story than a great divorce from a misdiagnosis.

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