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Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

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35 minutes ago, Saltgurkan15 said:

Him and Vucevic for Harden and Adams around the end of november. Regretted it back then, and people in the a**. coach forum advised against it. But the way Harden has been playing I feel better about it. 

unfortunately there are only a handful of people in the AC forums who know their a** from their elbow. that was a great trade. 

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A team that revolves around lowry and Jv? Have you ever watched a raptors game in your life?    Jonas played 22.4 mpg. His usage was 22.5. Lowry had an ever lower usage of 21.5.  

Garnett joined a loaded BOS roster with Pierce, Ray Allen and Rondo.   TOR traded their highest usage player (DeRozen) for Kawhi.  He's also going to a team with the 3rd highest pace (SA was

I'd actually argue that it's better to be traded than sign as a FA because TOR just gave up their #1 usage player to get Kawhi.  LeBron & Durant went to teams with multiple superstars (Wade, Bosh

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Curious to find out what Kawhi owners are expecting in return in a trade. Personally I’m a huge fan but if I didn’t own him I wouldn’t be giving up a top 20 asset who regularly plays for him, especially in a head to head league where games matter

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4 hours ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

Ok, so obviously this guy sucks big hairy basketballs. I saw one of you traded him for Cousins/Middleton (not a bad trade at all). Anyone else unload him recently? If so, what did you get in return?


I actually just got him when I traded KAT and Rubio for Leonard, Griffin, and Sato. Still not displeased with the trade and still holding out hope that he plays more consistently post-ASB (a likely tall order, I know). But he would be an easy guy to trade, more or less, when he inevitably strings monster lines together. I wouldn't settle for less than top 15 if it's a 1 for 1. If it's a 2 for 1, best make sure you get two top 20-30. 


Its easy to get impatient in the fantasy realm, especially in situations like this. But don't lose sight of how good he is (aka, how much you can get in return for him too). I'm holding for now and seeing how the magical nature of the ASB break may affect his consistency for ROS (hopefully for the better). 


Just dont trade him for Zubac + Wiggins

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38 minutes ago, thornton1986 said:

Are we expecting the back to back restriction and the random rest days to be lifted now that Gasol is in town? Surely they need to build chemistry before playoffs


I'm not. If anything it's likelier he could sit since they're a more dynamic team now

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I traded Whiteside, Adams and Barton for Kawhi and Mitch Robinson. Regretting it when I see Whiteside balling right now. Thankfully Barton is in slump and Robinson is a beast for a few games now. As a new owner, I'm already frustrated owning him, how much more to those who held him for a long time?

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Frustration for sure, but got him at a discount. Dude's #5 in 9cat going by averages for the year, and has been damn good pretty much every time he plays. Just hope the Raptors will put value on racing the Bucks for home court advantage through the playoffs. 

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14 minutes ago, JoeDub_Taiwan#1 said:

Seems like the self claimed max player has been sucking mightily of late, he single handedly cost me FG category this week. 

Given he is resting randomly and sitting out B2B's; he isn't the 9 cat god like he used to be? What do y'all think his ranking for h2h would be next season? 

Top 7 

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